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Jim and Shonda Davis

Contact #: 949-348-1808


Pastoral Training of Asia was founded by Jim and Shonda Davis. Jim is the International Director for US and Asia operations.

PTA’s vision is to grow and to be a strong support of the Church; equipping indigenous pastors in developing skills for the work of ministry.

We serve the Servers and help the Helpers. We do this by developing and assisting National Leadership. The greatest way we help the church grow on the mission field is to help the Pastors and church leaders. In turn, they can better minister to their congregations and reach out to the lost. We achieve this by conducting practical, biblical workshops and providing booklets, tracts and other printed materials. We bring the training to them instead of bringing them to a Bible School. This is called Theological Education by Extension (TEE) or Bible Education by Extension (BEE). Our training includes; Inductive Method of Bible Study, Evangelism & Discipleship, Marriage & Family Life and Sunday School Teacher Training. All of this is without charge as provided by our supporters. Thousands have been helped, yet thousands more are still in need. Many Pastors do not even own a Bible dictionary.