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The Ministry

Pastoral Training Seminars

Most of the pastors in the rural areas live in extreme poverty. They cannot afford to travel to major educational centers for pastoral training. So PTA travels to them, which is cost effective and has the potential to reach the most pastors & workers.

PTA teams travel to these remote areas and conduct week-long seminars. Typically, 60 to 80 pastors and leaders travel as much as 50 miles to attend. The seminars are free, and PTA supplies food, housing, and printed material. Thousands have benefited from these seminars, and they continue to be in great demand. Types of seminars taught include Inductive method of Bible study, Evangelism and Discipleship Training, Marriage and Family Life, Leadership Training and Sunday School Teacher Training

Street Children’s Ministry

Teaching and feeding the poor children from the slum areas is a growing ministry of PTA. Children gather and are taught the Word of God and are fed. These children grow up and serve the Lord.

PTA Print Shop

This exciting ministry has printed over 6 million tracts, new believer booklets and discipleship materials. These materials are given free to the Asian churches and Pastors.

Medical Outreach Teams

Hundreds will come for free medical attention and free medicine. Our policy is to pray for each one. Many receive Christ and are given follow-up material printed on our own PTA Print Shop.

Resource Library

Theological books, videos, DVD’s, Sunday school materials, etc. are made available to Pastors and churches from PTA’s mission center located in Dumaguete City, Philippines.

How You Can Help PTA

  • Pray for PTA – Contact us or call to receive our monthly prayer e-mail and newsletter that will keep you up-to-date on our praise reports and prayer requests.
  • Support the ministry financially – Our ministry in Asia is free to those we serve. Your support will be used to provide ministry and materials. All donations are tax deductible and greatly appreciated.
  • Serve with the PTA Team in the Philippines – There are opportunities for long and short-term workers. PTA can utilize individuals with a variety of skills and abilities. Think about bringing a ministry team from your Church.