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Because of the delicate situation in Vietnam, we cannot display our ministry completely so as to protect our brothers and sisters serving in Vietnam.

PTA has been serving in Vietnam since 1995. Because our main concern is for the believers living and serving in the country, we are very careful not to exploit them in any way. We are also very selective on who comes as our visitors for the very reason that we have had some jeopardize the safety of the members of the underground church.

Current Ministries:

  • Pastors’ Seminars
  • Underground printing


  • Vietnamese Bibles
  • Water wells for believers (in many places christians are not allowed to use the public water wells)
  • Livelihood projects for members of underground church
  • Increase underground printing ministry

Long – Term Goal:

When Communism falls, we hope to have a team to help develop ministry and a mission center.

Current Needs:

  • Regular prayer support
  • English teachers to live in Vietnam and pastors that can come and teach local pastors (short-term)
  • Funds for the ministry