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PTA Mission Center in Dumaguete City, Philippines. A testament to God’s faithfulness and provision, it serves as the hub of PTA’s operations in the Philippines.

Ministry Opportunities


The heart and soul of our operations in the country. PTA conducts seminars and workshops designed to encourage the pastors and boost their leadership skills at the same time. These seminars are usually done in areas where the pastors and their ministries are located. This means that they don’t need to travel far and spend precious time and resources. Our seminar teams frequently travel to these places, at times facing enormous dangers. As a blessing to the churches, these workshops are offered free of charge and comes complete with materials and certificates. Topics currently available are: Christian Marriage and Family Life (CMFL); Dynamic Evangelism and Follow-up (EVAN); and Inductive Bible Study Method (IBSM). Thus far, PTA had already covered most of the southern part of the Philippines, and the challenge is to penetrate the northern part of the country and bring these blessings to the churches in the area.


A vital arm in PTA’s ministry in the Philippines is the operation of this printshop. With an annual average output of more than half a million pages of materials, PTA continues to faithfully serve the needs of the Filipino churches.

At PTA Missions Center, not a day would pass without the familiar humming of the printing machine. Situated right beside the Office building is the PTA Printshop. This is where seminar materials and evangelistic or gospel tracts and all other printing jobs are done. These gospel tracts and booklets are given FREE to churches and Christian organizations, upon request. Our seminar team also help distribute by bringing boxes of these tracts to the seminar area for the local churches to use. These have been a helpful tool for those who have the burden for the lost but lack the materials and resources to carry out their vision. Most of the tracts are in English and in several local dialects.


What started as a God-given personal burden by a missionary has now become a regular ministry of PTA. Dubbed as the Boulevard Children’s Church, the name comes from the area where the ministry is often held, the Rizal Boulevard, a seaside park in Dumaguete city. Every Saturday evening, scores of children, ages 3 to 12 years old, come together for a time of songs, Bible stories and snacks. Some of these kids, now teenagers, are actively helping the ministry.


A very effective way to introduce the gospel to the people is through providing medical services. Whenever resources (medicines, vitamins etc.) are available, PTA can coordinate visiting doctors and nurses with local medical professionals to conduct medical missions to rural areas. Services are offered free of charge, while staff from local churches in the vicinity provide the counseling.

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